About Eggfest

What is an Eggfest?

An Eggfest is a gathering of passionate followers of Big Green Egg Cookers. Raving fans of Big Green Eggs get together to share food, recipes, and fellowship at regional Eggfests. There are contests and vendors that highlight the versatility of the Big Green Egg while raising money for deserving causes.

There are two groups who attend Eggfests; Cooks and Tasters. Cooks bring their own food and cook amazing and varied offerings on provided demo eggs. Tasters show up and taste the amazing food that the cooks prepare on the eggs. There is no charge for cooks and a charge for adult tasters.

Demo eggs are sold at a discount under standard MSRP as they will have been used for the day of the event but still come with the Limited Lifetime Warranty. Eggs will be available for pickup at 7 p.m. on Saturday. New demo owners must be prepared that the eggs may still be hot.

Why Porkopolis?

According to Wikipedia, In 1802, Cincinnati was chartered as a village, and in 1819, it was incorporated as a city. The introduction of steam navigation on the Ohio River in 1811 and the completion of the Miami and Erie Canal helped the city grow to 115,000 citizens by 1850. The nickname Porkopolis was coined around 1835, when Cincinnati was the country’s chief hog packing center, and herds of pigs traveled the streets.

We wanted to celebrate our historic roots and tie it to the fantastic product that the Big Green Egg produces!

Bring your best Pork recipes…It’s going to be a great day!

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